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About The Family Office

The Family Office is an independent wealth management firm that offers customized portfolio solutions in diversified alternatives such as private equity, private debt, real estate and more.

Whether you wish to preserve your legacy, plan for a retirement or diversify your investments, our world-class financial advisors will build you a bespoke portfolio with greater transparency and convenience.

Why should you invest flexibly?



We diversify your portfolio to ensure stable, long-term returns that help you protect your wealth and empower your future.



You want the best for your family. Help protect your wealth to give them the best start in life, the best education, and an inheritance that helps them build their own wealth.



By investing flexibly, your money will work as hard as you do to give you the retirement you deserve.



Our investment plans help you to put your money to work, generating a steady income over time to help you live the life you want.

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The above numbers are for illustrative purposes only. Actual performance may vary. This portfolio is a combination of Capital Growth and Capital Yielding Programs.

What are alternative private market investments? 


We help our investors build a portfolio outside our region with opportunities like those sought by sovereign wealth funds.


Long-Term Investment

We invest in private equity, private debt, and real estate deals that remain stable over the long term and take time to mature. We focus on empowering your future without excessive risk.


Special Access

We build diversified portfolios in private markets from various asset classes, industries and regions, and provide our clients with access to exclusive opportunities alongside world-class managers like BlackRock, Goldman Sachs and the Carlyle Group. Explore below some of our past opportunities: 

Private Equity


United States

Investment opportunity in the controlled buy-out of UFC, one of the top 10 most valuable sports brands.

Private Equity


United States

Investment opportunity in Barry’s, a fitness studio operator and lifestyle brand headquartered in West Hollywood, California.

Real Estate

The Edge

United States 

Investment opportunity in Edge, the highest sky deck in the western hemisphere with an unprecedented 360-degree view of New York.

Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need to Know About Invest Now Pay Later

Invest Now Pay Later is a flexible investment plan that allows qualified investors to start investing with a minimum commitment of $300,000 and choosing a flexible payment plan with a minimum upfront payment.

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