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Heritage Wealth Planning

To meet and maintain your income and lifestyle requirements, our financial experts design a plan to preserve your inherited wealth.


Meeting Your Retirement Goals

Before beginning a journey, the destination must be known. Thus in order to meet your retirement goals we ensure we understand what they are.


Personalized Investment Strategy

We create a personalized investment strategy to best ensure your goals could be reached.

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How much can you invest initially towards your retirement fund (in USD)?$1,000,000
$10 million +
To help achieve your goal we will need a contribution of a minimum of $500,000
Your age50
Your ideal retirement age60
How much can you contribute into your retirement fund each month (in USD)?$5,000
To help achieve your goal we will need a contribution of a minimum of $5,000 each month

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All too often, affluent families miss on long-lasting wealth by not making a financial strategy. Without effective planning, family wealth becomes disintegrated over time, divided across too many people and lost. The most effective wealth heritage planning advisors keep the source of wealth in a centralised portfolio. This way, multiple family members can benefit from a generous income, while the value of the overall wealth is preserved over time.

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