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How Does Technology Acceleration Impact Investment? | Abdulmohsin Al Omran in an Interview with Bloomberg Asharq

How Does Technology Acceleration Impact Investment? | Abdulmohsin Al Omran in an Interview with Bloomberg Asharq

Abdulmohsin Al Omran, Founder and Board Member of The Family Office International Investment Company, spoke to Bloomberg Asharq at LEAP 2024 about technology and the impact of its acceleration on the investment landscape. He also discussed how investors can address the risks associated with technological advancements. Below are the highlights of the interview:

Mar 4, 2024Management Insights- 1 min
  • Technology has become an integral part of human life in all sectors.

  • Technology plays various roles, including work organization, cost reduction, and promotion of sector growth without needing additional employees. More importantly, it ensures the quality of the provided service through audits.

  • Private investments were previously limited to major investors. Thanks to technology, they are now also available to small investors.

  • Two years ago, The Family Office launched a digital platform that enables investors to invest in private markets with a minimum amount of $300,000. Today, we will announce a new product that enables investors to access the same opportunities starting from 50,000 SAR.

  • To address the risks associated with the technological advancements and ensure the safety and confidentiality of their money, investors must ensure that the company they are working with is licensed by capital market authorities and connected to government systems.

  • The rapidly increasing interest rates surprised everyone. Given that we are in a year of US presidential elections, we at The Family Office believe that interest rates are unlikely to decrease rapidly.

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