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Are We Nearing The End Of The Bear Market? | David Darst Speaks To Bloomberg Asharq

Are We Nearing The End Of The Bear Market? | David Darst Speaks To Bloomberg Asharq

Bloomberg Asharq hosted David Darst, CFA and Chief Advisor to The Family Office, to discuss the bear market and the factors that would end it. Below are the highlights of the interview:

Oct 30, 2022Management Insights- 1 min
  • Progress was remarkable in the last few days as airlines, consumer goods companies and banks announced earnings that exceeded expectations.

  • The Wall Street Journal published last week an article about the Federal Reserve (the “Fed”) slowing the pace of raising interest rates.

    • The above does not indicate the end of the bear market as that would require three important factors.
      - A definite decline in inflation that would decrease interest rates and tightening by the Fed.
      - Easing Covid lockdowns in China.
      - Easing geopolitical tensions in Asia and Ukraine.

  • Investors should be prepared for recession. We can only discuss market improvement when inflation recedes.

    Watch the full interview above.

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