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Asset Management License From CMA | Bloomberg Asharq

Asset Management License From CMA | Bloomberg Asharq

In an interview with Bloomberg Alsharq, Abdulmohsin Al Omran, founder and CEO of The Family Office, discussed major updates on indices and market performance. Below are the main ideas discussed:

Oct 31, 2021Market Outlooks- 1 min
  • Significant opportunities are always available in the market, but asset classes have changed. Previously, bond yields were as high as 7% but with interest rates dropping and central banks pumping liquidity, investors should diversify.

  • Based on the huge rise in the stock market and earnings and sales multiples in indices such as the S&P500, private markets become the right option for investors to diversify their portfolios and preserve their wealth, with less risk in the event of a market correction that may reach, say, 30%. This is the investment policy we follow at The Family Office.

  • The new license for Managing Investments and Operating Funds from the Capital Market Authority in Saudi Arabia allows us to serve the Saudi market better, be it by offering local funds or providing the opportunity for investors to invest domestically.

  • The Family Office has always endeavored to serve the Saudi market and invest in its youth. We provide training opportunities for young Saudi men and women, preparing them and building their skills and abilities to enter the labor market. These efforts are part of our social responsibility initiative towards Saudi Arabia and its youth. Participants in our Young Professionals (YP) program get the opportunity to work with The Family Office, which qualifies them for success even if they work for other companies.

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