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New Digital Investment Platform In Switzerland Through Petiole Asset Management AG | Interview With Al Arabiya

New Digital Investment Platform In Switzerland Through Petiole Asset Management AG | Interview With Al Arabiya

Al Arabiya hosted Abdulmohsin Al Omran, Founder and CEO of The Family Office, to shed light on the launch of a new digital investment platform in Switzerland through Petiole Asset Management AG, the investment arm of The Family Office. Below are highlights of the interview:

Oct 24, 2022Market Insights- 1 min
  • Investors who join this platform complete a questionnaire to learn about exclusive investment opportunities and receive a customized investment proposal in just 10 minutes.

  • Following the successful launch of The Family Office platform in the Gulf region, the platform has been launched today in Europe, more specifically in Switzerland, through Petiole Asset Management AG based on two main considerations. First, there are $700 billion in Switzerland alone, mostly deposited in current accounts from the Gulf. Second, Europe’s wealth is 13 times greater than that of the Gulf.

  • The minimum investment amount is $300.000 in the Gulf and $100.000 in Switzerland, allocated to different assets within the portfolio. By investing with the company, investors can access private funds that were previously limited to the biggest investors through asset managers like Blackrock, KKR, Carlyle and others.

  • Debt instruments are among the most important investment opportunities, achieving higher returns with less risk than outright ownership of private companies and real estate that might face crises in the upcoming months.

Watch the full interview above.

  • The platform of Petiole Asset Management AG features a fully digital approach from joining the platform to browsing international investments, building the portfolio and committing capital. Create an account on Petiole’s platform now and invest starting from CHF150.000.

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