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Many look at investing as a surefire way to take charge of one’s financial security. It allows for the growth and preservation of wealth and the creation of an income stream if needed. A proper investment strategy can also ensure sustainment of lifestyle through retirement and a legacy for generations to come.

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Preserve Your Wealth with the Right Investment Partner

With more than 17 years of success under its belt, The Family Office has been the investment management partner of choice for more than 500 ultra-high-net-worth individuals, families, and investors in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. As a seasoned wealth management company committed to preserving and growing wealth and legacies, we have more than US$2 billion in assets under management.

The Family Office has forged partnerships with top tier asset managers around the world including KKR, The Carlyle Group, and Goldman Sachs, thus accessing investment opportunities reserved to institutional investors.

The Importance of Preserving Wealth

The importance of wealth management cannot be reiterated enough regardless of the volume of wealth. Properly done, it ensures sustaining your lifestyle, weathering financial uncertainty, providing for future generations and much more. Wealth management is synonymous with peace of mind.

At The Family Office we customize our solutions based on the client’s goals and timelines. We can build a portfolio that secures a regular income, long-term capital growth, or a hybrid that gives clients the best of both worlds. We can even preserve and grow your wealth so your grandchildren enjoy lavish weddings and superior education, while providing regular income for a luxury retirement.

Our long-term strategies in exclusive alternative investment opportunities from around the globe ensure returns for generations upon generations and superior outcomes.

Choosing the Right Investments

With a team of 90 professionals, including 50 high-caliber financial experts, we customize each solution to fit the unique and diverse goals of our clients. By assessing your risk tolerance, time horizon, financial goals and values; we build a portfolio of thoroughly vetted alternative investments to make your financial aspirations a reality.

Our investment programs fall into four general categories

  • Liquid portfolio

Highly liquid, yield-generating credit assets provide stable income distributions and some capital gains. This solution is suitable for low-risk investors who seek cash management, stable income, minimal volatility, and optionality to redeem the full investment amount on short notice.

  • Yielding portfolio

Stable yield-generating assets across the globe provide consistent income distributions. This low- to medium-risk solution is suitable for investors who seek enhanced yield, moderate volatility, and optionality to redeem half the investment in the portfolio.

  • Balanced Portfolio

Consistent capital gains are generated by investing in asset classes with proven track records. This solution is suitable for investors who seek capital gains, with moderate- to high-risk appetite, and longer time horizons.

  • Growth Portfolio

Exceptional capital gains are generated by taking advantage of market dislocations across the globe. This solution is suitable for investors with higher risk appetites who seek higher growth.

Each of the above categories can be further customized to fit your needs. Also, each program can be designed to include only Shariah-compliant investments approved by a certified Shariah panel.

Learn more about our investment solutions.

Non-Traditional Investment Approach

A diversified portfolio comprising non-traditional investments in alternative assets from different classes, sectors and geographies optimizes reward against risk. For example, people who invest all their wealth in, say, oil, would lose everything if the oil market crashes, but would make only limited profit if the oil market performs well.

After being popularized by David Swensen, Chief Investment Officer at Yale University, the endowment model became widely adopted by many educational institutions. The endowment model constituted a large shift from public stocks and bonds into alternative assets including hedge funds, venture capital, real estate, natural resources, and private equity. We adopt the endowment model in our long-term investment strategies to provide clients optimal risk-adjusted returns. Our opportunities include:

- Money markets,

- Private credit,

- Real estate,

- Private equity,

- Discounted sectors,

- Venture capital, etc.

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Since our inception in 2004, we have provided clients richer sources of revenue with less volatility overall.

As a fully independent wealth manager, our investment advice is always impartial and in our clients’ best interests. Our team of highly qualified investment advisors is ready to discuss your financial needs and goals, then create the perfect solution.

About The Family Office

Since 2004, The Family Office has been the wealth manager of choice for more than 500 ultra-high-net worth families and individuals, helping them preserve and growth their wealth through customized solutions in diversified alternatives and more. Schedule a call with our financial experts and learn more about our wealth management process.

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